Foundation of Trust

The Trust was found by Central Government Ammunition Factory Khadki, The GENERAL MANAGER Of Ammunition Factory Khadki was working under the
Management Committee as PRESIDENT And Other Members were CLASS I OFFICERS. They were running the Committee successfully.

As per the Central Government norms at 2006 The GENERAL MANAGER OF AFK and CLASS I OFFICERS of AFK should not be any management Committees which they
were running in past. They should handover the Management Committees to the employees ofAmmunition Factory Khadki Pune – 411020 to handover all respective
rights to the new committee of employees to run the management Of school successfully.

NOTE :- The Charity Commissioner Pune knows each and every change which has been happen and taken into place in management.

PRESIDENT                    Shri  Vishwas Shelar
VICE PRESIDENT          Shri Jeevan  Gorse   
SECRETARY                    Shri Shrinath Kamble
JOIN SECRETARY          Shri Vishal Shelar
TREASURER                    Shri Shailendra Jagtap
MEMBERS                        Shri Sanjay Gaikwad
MEMBERS                        Shri Bhimrao Ovhal 
MEMBERS                        Shri Santosh Ghodke
MEMBERS                        Shri Sachin Ovhal          

How the Management Committee is Formed?

  • The tenure of the management is about 5 years (As per the bylaws
    of Management)
  • The Election has been held after every 5 years. The voters are only
    The employees of Ammunition Factory Khadki and member of The Ordnance
    Factories Employees Education Society.
MEMBERS CRITERIAS The Member should register before March 31st every year to The Ordnance Factories Employees Education Society.

Mr. Vishwas Shelar

President of OFEES

Mr. Shailendra Jagtap

Vice President of OFEES

Mr.Shrinath Vtthal Kamble

Secretary of OFEES
Contact no-9762241255

Mr Jeevan Gorse

Joint Secretary of OFEES

Mr.Bhimrao Ovhal

Member of OFEES

Mr.Sanjay Gaikwad

Member of OFEES